How To Make Friends At The Office As A Real Estate Newbie

How To Make Friends At The Office As A Real Estate Newbie

  • Building rapport is so important as you’re building your reputation as a rookie agent. Remember to listen, get involved, study, be positive and focus on yourself.

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Being new in real estate, much like being new to anything, can be extremely challenging. This isn’t an easy world to tackle, but with the right tools and mindset, success is definitely reachable.

Building rapport with your officemates and colleagues is critical to your success. As a 14-year veteran in the real estate business, I often meet with agents and help them get settled in.

Every time I work with a new colleague, I think back to my rookie days. A fellow new agent and I took on a transaction for the ages that lasted seven months and taught me a ton.

I represented the buyer in a transaction fraught with not-so-great lending practices, pre-foreclosure, bankruptcy, a bad inspection and buyers and sellers who did not see eye to eye.

Not realizing what we had gotten ourselves into, my newbie colleague and I had to lean on each other a lot. The rapport we had lended to our ability to communicate, to work together and to align our goals, which allowed our professionalism …

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