This Book Wants To Help You Unlock The Power Of Snapchat

This Book Wants To Help You Unlock The Power Of Snapchat

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Chelsea Peitz is brave.

She started using Snapchat in May 2016 when it was barely on most real estate marketers’ radar, and within 18 months she became a Snapchat influencer in the real estate community.

And then when Instagram started copying Snapchat’s most attractive features and Snapchat’s future started looking bleak, Peitz wrote a book all about Snapchat called Talking in Pictures, How Snapchat Changed Camera’s, Communication, and Communities.

It’s a gem. Talking in Pictures is a thoughtful book that provides fascinating insight into how Snapchat has transformed communication and building relationships.

As a Snapchatter who has experienced many of the benefits Peitz discussed, I hadn’t appreciated the brilliance of the platform until I read the book.  She explains the unrelenting focus on the user experience and how there is an “anticipatory savvy that creates disruption and fosters customer loyalty.”

Snapchat mirrors real life relationships…

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