Two Fantastic Cleans from Fantastic Services

Two Fantastic Cleans from Fantastic Services

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Keeping London sparkly clean!

You know that feeling after the Christmas holidays.  You’ve treated yourself to a well-deserved housework holiday – but you’ve also had friends and family round a bit more than normal, you’ve cooked, you’ve feasted and you’ve relaxed.

Then everyone goes, the decorations come down and you realise that beneath the tinsel there’s a hoard of dust bunnies, that your oven is now closer to a charcoal burner and that your own cat has clearly objected violently to your brother’s dog who came to visit on boxing day.

In short, your home would now win the prize (if there was one) on ‘how clean is your house’.

But, you are exhausted and the last thing you want to do is don a pinny and start scrubbing…

The solution, my friends, is just a mouse-click away.

I was lucky enough to be offered a blitz house clean for myself and an oven clean for one of the London-Unattached team from Fantastic Services so that we could review what they did.

Study Before Fantastic Services Clean

In my case, arriving back after the St Lucia Rum and Food Festival, I was jet-lagged and in no mood to clean.  Fantastic Services sent a team of three people to spend two hours tackling the worst of the mess.

I should explain, I have a small challenge, in the form of the world’s fluffiest cat.  Her aim in life seems to be to make sure every inch of carpet is nicely covered with her fur…and to liberally scatter litter around the downstairs shower room rendering the floor gritty and the shower unusable because after all who in their right mind would want to stand underneath running water for 15 minutes.

Chapter Road During Fantastic Services Clean

Undaunted, the Fantastic Services team set to.

Chapter Road Study AFter

After a couple of hours my house was ‘Estate Agent ready’ – every bit of cat fluff removed, every cobweb dusted and every surface wiped and cleaned.  Even my cooker hood was shiny and the upstairs bathroom looked ‘Spa Perfect’.

Bathroom Chapter Road After

I was impressed by the efficiency of the team who brought all their own equipment and cleaning products and left everything looking pristine.

Similarly, Sarah’s oven, which had worked hard over the Christmas period.

She was delighted with her oven cleaning service and said

Whilst I love to cook and entertain, I think that my most hated piece of housework is cleaning the oven. It’s dirty, hard work, and I always manage to get something caustic on my skin. So having the opportunity to have it professionally cleaned, especially after the hard use the oven had over Christmas , was like an answer to a prayer. I think that the before and after pictures speak for themselves (please don’t judge me on the ‘before’!) . The service arrived on time, worked hard, cleaned up after themselves. Perfect.

Oven clean by Fantastic Services

So, if you are looking for some help around the house, why not check out Fantastic Services!


Disclosure – our cleans were complimentary – all content is editorially given.


The post Two Fantastic Cleans from Fantastic Services appeared first on London Unattached – London Lifestyle, Food and Travel.