5 Free Marketing Tricks For Your Next Listing

5 Free Marketing Tricks For Your Next Listing

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As real estate agents, we all know that a big part of getting a property sold as quickly as possible is generating maximum exposure. This is why we all love MLS — it does so much of the heavy lifting for us.

We create a listing, and within minutes, our MLS syndicates our listing to major real estate sites like realtor.com, Zillow and Trulia.

However, if your online marketing strategy is exclusive to MLS, you’re leaving a lot of exposure on the table.

In addition to using MLS, there are a number of other very effective marketing tactics available to you that are quick to deploy and won’t cost you a dime. Below, you’ll find five of them.
Facebook Marketplace
Facebook Marketplace launched back in October 2016 as a place for Facebook users 18 and over to buy and sell pretty much anything, including real estate.

Facebook Marketplace makes adding a real estate listing easy. You can create your listing by doing the following:

Add property photos from your phone

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