5 Tips For Spicing Up Your Real Estate Blog

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Most real estate agency or brokerage owners understand the importance of maintaining a solid online presence, including an attention-catching blog — it’s how they drive traffic to their websites, establish authority and so much more.
Coming up with worthy topics can be tricky, though.

Some real estate bloggers get so frustrated that they give up altogether.

Here are some tips, taken from brokerages who know what they’re doing, that will help all real estate bloggers — broker or agent — choose worthy topics.
1. Think seasonally
Considering trends associated with the current or upcoming season is an excellent tactic for real estate agencies struggling to find blog topics.

The Agency uses that approach and gets strong results. Posts discuss the company’s holiday party — while simultaneously mentioning the agency’s top performers — and tech items that may be on people’s wish lists this year, including a reminder that real estate specialists can show tech-connected…

Article image credited to Photo by Ewan Robertson on Unsplash