Decoding The Broker/MLS Cold War On Consolidation

  • When small groups of contiguous MLSs can’t find a way to work together for the good of their members, those members will eventually look to the outside for other options.

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Why is the MLS so misunderstood? This timely question was posed by FBS CEO Michael Wurzer (provider of FlexMLS software), regarding the highly publicized MLS 2018 panel at the California Association of Realtors’ annual meetings this month.

The C.A.R. event put our industry’s dysfunctional consolidation discussion between brokers and MLSs in the spotlight. It also shed light on two divergent paths that will likely guide the future of MLS organizations (skip to the end if you’re already code-certified).
Code and confusion
MLSs, like brokerages, can be wildly different from one another. They don’t all have the same motivations. So it’s not surprising when conversations between brokers and MLSs often sound like they’re scrambled into cold war code.

The participants often don’t understand each another, and sometimes just refuse to state their intentions clearly. Anyone who’s been through an MLS’s executive session on consolidation knows just how much goes unsaid publicly.


Article image credited to Photo by Sean DuBois on Unsplash