These High-End Prints Will Make Your Traditional Marketing Stand Out

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Agent Marketing Group is a web-based print collateral creation service.
Platforms: Browser; mobile-optimized
Ideal for: Brokerages and teams of all sizes; franchise offices, boutique shops
Top selling points

Attractive, professional materials
Ease of ordering
Fast turnaround
Franchise-ready branded products

Top Concerns
Agent cynicism toward printed materials could impact broker decision to purchase.
What you should know
I’ll try not to turn this review into an argument for the value of printed marketing materials, but that might be difficult given the subject’s primary product: online ordering of high-quality property and agent marketing brochures.

What sets Agent Marketing Group (AMG) apart in this field is its hands-on experience, which is a big deal in the era of online outsourcing and cheap Craigslist labor.

This is a small company th…