ZIllow Unveils New App For Capturing 3-D Home Tours

ZIllow Unveils New App For Capturing 3-D Home Tours

Zillow on Thursday unveiled a new, free app called Zillow 3D Home that will allow agents, brokers, and real estate photographers to capture immersive 3-D home tours directly on their iPhones, and upload them to Zillow listings.

The app is for iPhone only (models 6 and 6 Plus, or newer) running iOS version 10 or later, and is presently only accessible to agents in Phoenix, but will expand nationwide in 2018. You can download it on the Apple App Store here and see an example of what it looks like in a listing or webpage below.

A Zillow executive billed the technology as the only mobile app that can capture 3-D tours at no cost, and said a 3,000-square-foot home can be photographed in approximately 30 minutes with an iPhone. The app appears to work by using the “panoramic” camera feature on the iPhone to capture 360-degree views of any given room.

Additionally, listings that feature the 3-D tours will receive preferred sort order, appearing at the top of Zillow search results, according to details released Thursday.

“We are so excited to get this technology out into the Phoenix market,” said Jeremy Wacksman, Zillow Group chief marketing officer, in a prepared statement. “Our early tests in Scottsdale are showing listings with a Zillow 3D Home are getting more attention from home shoppers, helping sellers and agents make their listings stand out. As home shopping season is about to gear up, Zillow 3D Home is a great tool to help a listing get noticed.” In October Zillow announced it was testing the technology among a group of real estate agents and photographers.

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Zillow 3D Home app

Promo image of Zillow’s 3D Home app. Credit: Zillow

Zillow 3D Home seems poised to be a serious competitor to pricier virtual tour cameras and software by Matterport, GeoCV and Realvision, among other companies.

It was not immediately clear if Zillow would eventually support 3-D tours provided by third-party software like MatterportGeoCV, NCTech and Realvision.

Zillow currently separates itself from these other providers in the file format by capturing photos as JPEGs and then stitching them together to create the appearance of a virtual tour. Most 3D technology uses the OBJ format.

Earlier this month, Inman reported that Zillow had mistakenly deleted up to thousands of 2-D walkthrough videos on property listings, which the company acknowledged in a Jan. 8 email to customers of its Premier Agent app. A source speculated to Inman that an error in Zillow’s work behind-the-scenes to prepare for its new Zillow 3D Home app could have caused the deletion of the 2-D walkthrough videos.

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